Registration Process

Netball North Harbour is using Sporty for registrations to play netball in 2024.

If your are a new Club or School Coordinator and you do not have a login you need to contact Sporty directly at  If you have had a Coordinator leave your club or school you can let Sporty know to delete them off the system.

Players will need to register with their Club or School, using their registrations forms.  If you cannot access  your school or club form, you can find them here.  Then look for your school or club.

Many schools may already be familiar with Sporty as this is the same system used for softball, touch and rugby registrations. And for clubs already using Sporty the official netball registration form will automatically be applied to your site.

If you used Sporty for online registrations last season you will be able to invite your players back to re-register without requiring them to have to re-enter their details.  Click here to see how to do this.

This page is for club & school administrators. If you are wanting to register to play with a club or school please click here.  Then find your club/school and click on that link to get to the registration form.

The official Netball North Harbour registration form for 2024 is not available as of yet, but when it comes online it will be located under the Netball 2024 folder when you go into Online Registrations.   

There are three steps to the registration process: 

1.            Register players through the player online registration form:

2.            Enter Teams in TeamBuilder.

3.            Assign Players to Teams in TeamBuilder. 

For a comprehensive user guide of the registration process click the Registration User Guide on the right hand side.

For a Quick Start User Guide CLICK HERE.

Club/School Coordinator Instructions for Netball SuperForm

Before you start getting your 2023 registration form up and running, you will need access to Sporty.  Please cotact if you wish to get a login for your school/club

A quick video showing you on the right (top video) on how to access the SuperForm and get it up on your school/club website open for players to register for the 2023 Netball Season.

Clubs and schools can also use this registration form as your own registration form for players/officials to register with you directly if you wish. You have the ability to add additional fields to the form that are specific to you (eg uniform information). Any data in your custom fields is not passed to us, but is securely available for you to use as an online database. This lets everyone's needs be met through the completion of one single web form, so that you don't need to run a separate parallel registration/consent process.

Please note once you have the form open, copy yourself the link to see how it works, ie selecting roles, and what your players will be completing as well as anything you may have added to the form.  

Please note:

  • This form is for players, coaches, managers and volunteers
  • A player who coaches, etc, in your Club/School can tick as many roles as they like
  • If a player plays at your Club/School but coaches/manages at another Club/School, they need to complete the same form at the club/school they coach, etc, at.
  • If player plays for club and school they complete a separate form at each club and school.

NEW FEATURE 2023 - if a person/parent has more than one person in their family playing for the SAME school or club, they can add the extra family member on the same form.  Look for the Add Player function at the bottom

People can also acces the Registration form through our website through the Registrations 2023 >> Club/School Page.

Once up and running, Superforms lets you:​​​​​​​

  • Roll forward people from last season to the next
  • Send a group email to everyone registered through this solution last season that lets them re-register for the new season with just one click  To work out how to do this go to Send Invitation to Register (SuperCRM) – Sporty Online Support Centre (
  • Watch your online database grow as people register through your form
  • Easily see who hasn't re-registered from last season so you can chase them if you wish
  • Customise the input fields on your registration form to suit your needs
  • Accept online payments (Click here for info on how to set this up)​​​​​​​

Once you have your players registered, you can create your teams in Team Builder and add your players.  Please see video to the right to help you with this part of the registration process.