NNH Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the Privacy Act, the following is brought to your attention: the online registration process collects information for:the general administration of the game of netball, including statistical analysis and research by Netball North Harbour, Northern Zone and Netball New Zealand

  1. NNH will be using the email addresses you have provided to communicate activities and events available throughout the year at Netball North Harbour. This will be the main communication tool for NNH to get in touch with individual members.
  2. the promotion of the game of netball, including the marketing to netball players by our sponsors.
  3. the marketing of services to netball players by Netball North Harbour and by its sponsors

This information will be held by safely and securely by Netball North Harbour where you are entering into membership. You have rights to access and request the correction of such personal information anytime as provided by the Privacy Act. Please contact Netball North Harbour in the first instance at PO Box 36-130, Northcote, Takapuna or admin@netballnorthharbour.co.nz.

Your accepting the conditions constitutes authorisation of the use and disclosure of the personal information in accordance with the purposes set out above unless you otherwise specify.