Futureferns Northcote Draw 


Please note below for the Year 1 & 2 teams, the Courts say 1a and 1c, etc, please check with the desk people when you arrive on where you will be doing your practise session and little game.


If you do not have enough players - YOU CAN BORROW FROM THE OPPOSITION.  This is not a competition so we do not care who plays the game.  You can borrow from another team, that is OK.

If you wish to default you must RING THE CENTRE to let us know.  You cannot just not turn up.  You will be fined $50.00 late default notice.  It is unfair on the opposition to not let them know you are not coming.  You must let your School Coordinator or Netball North Harbour know by 12.00 pm​​​​​​​

Cancellations ...

We do not cancel due to rain.  We may cancel the Year 3 only in severe weather warnings and we make the decision at 1.00 pm.  DO NOT RING THE CENTRE in the morning.  If it is cold and wet the Year 3 players can wear jackets and jerseys as long as their bibs can be seen.

Year 1 & 2 are inside so never cancel.