Hibiscus Coast FutureFerns

HBC Future Ferns Information

We have a couple of rules at Edith Hopper Park to keep the area a safe place for all players and spectators:

  • No dogs at Edith Hopper (unless service dogs)
  • No scooters, bikes or skateboards.  They need to be outside the court areas.  There is not enough room for kids to be riding these whilst the games go on or if they go astray!
  • Please do not stand and watch the games from behind the goal line (by the goals).  The umpires need that space to move in.  Keep this area free of spectators and gear, eg bags, etc.
  • Please do not pace up and down yelling instructions to the players.  All spectators, and coaches and other team management, are to keep still.  This is annoying for other spectators (and the players) if people are constantly walking up and down yelling instructions.  If everyone did this it would be very confusing for our young players.
  • Earrings are NOT allowed to be worn or taped over.  They must be removed from year 1 through to Year 6.  They can still be ripped from ears if taped over.  No jewellery, watches or other wrist straps are to be worn.  Everything must be removed when playing.  The only thing allowed are medical alert bracelets or necklaces but these need to be taped over so they are not loose.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Year 1 & 2 will always be at 4.00 pm and Year 3 at 4.50 pm.

Year 1 - your skill session starts at 4.00 pm for 15 minutes, followed by 8 minute half games

Year 3 - do your 15 minute warm up and skill session before your game starts at 4.50 pm.  10 minute quarter game with breaks.  Swap ends at half time only.

More information on the modified game can be found at http://www.futureferns.co.nz

PLEASE HELP OUR STAFF WITH MOVING HOOPS AFTER GAMES ... the small hoops will need to be moved to the other courts for teh Year 3 games and made higher.  2.6 m high.