Junior Netties (Westlake) Draw 


Year 4 teams are now in a competition round over the next 7 weeks (excluding school holidays).  Year 4 grade will play a round robin.  A team will have a Bye each week.  Points now start and they arer - 4 = win, 0 = Loss, 2 = Draw and 1 = a loss within 3 goals (bonus point).  Year 4 teams can start afresh with their rotations for the competition round if they wish.

Results will now be shown as will the ladder which teams can check on the website.

Year 5 & 6 teams are still grading.  Their competition games start 29th June.

Please get your scoring app from your School Coordinator.

All games will be scored on the Scoring App.  For more information please go to https://www.netballnorthharbour.co.nz/draws-results/scoring-game-day-app-1

Year 4 & 5 teams

Rotations - left hand side of the draw is Team 1 and right hand side Team 2.  To see how to do the rotations (which are set rotations and must be followed by all teams) go to this page https://www.netballnorthharbour.co.nz/our-competitions/primary-competition  and check out the video on the right called Rotations.

Remember to collect your team card from the Desk when you arrive.  Fill it in and hand back either before or after the game.

Year 6 teams

Remember to enter your starting lineup in the App for your first game (allocate positions to players) and make team changes when the occur during the game.

Rules at Westlake GIrls - please adhere to the rules as we use the school's space and we need to respect their rules

  • No dogs 
  • No food or drink on the courts (coffee is available at the courts)