College Coordinator Information 2024 Currently being updated

This page is designed for College School Coordinators to assist with registration information for your school teams in 2023. 

Registrations of  your teams is through Team Builder in Sporty.  For instructions on this and how to register your players, please click here: Netball North Harbour - Process (

If you do not have a login to Sporty, please contact Sporty at 


1. Year 9 teams must be identified with the number "nine" first.  eg 9/1, 9/2, 9/3 etc

2. Mixed male/female teams must be identified withe the letter "M" first.  eg M1, M2, M3 etc

3. For College teams on Saturday teams must be numbered in ability order.  eg 1, 2, 3 etc

It is IMPORTANT to ensure all teams are listed by number according to their ability. The strongest team is number 1 with the weakest the very last number.  For Saturday teams, if your school keeps Year 10's and social players separate, you will need to have grading games at school to verify the strength of these teams within all the school teams. Please do not lump them at the end of the compeitive teams. This throws the whole grading out of whack and with only 4 grading games we will have a hard time finding the correct grade.  NNH reserves the right to change a team's number at the end of grading.  This allows clear guidelines and tracking for substutions when players are away.

FINALLY and MOST IMPORTANT - You do not need to put your school name in front of the number as that is automatically generated by Sporty progamme.​​​​​​​

College Competition

  • Year 9 Monday

  • Mixed lads and lasses Monday (Saturday girls may also play on Mondays)

  • Year 10-13 Saturdays

To see full details of the competition dates please open the document to the right and below.

For assistance please contact Bailee Cassidy for Year 9 or

Gail Griffiths for Year 10-13

Important Dates

20 February 2023

2 April 2024

19 April 2024

19 April 2024

Co-ordinator Information evening by Zoom - link will be sent

The number of teams playing needs to be registered/finalised.

Deadline for Time Requests

Deadline for player allocations into teams

Composition of Teams

College Premier​​​​​​​

Maximum of 12 Players

Indoor Courts

Self timed

School to supply Scorers

Umpires allocated by NNH

Game times 8.50am and 10.30am

College 3 to 16

Maximum of 12 Players

Outdoor Courts

Automatically timed by Control Room

School to supply Scorers

Schools to allocate own personnel to umpire except for College 2 Grade where NNH will allococate the umpire.

Game times 8.00, 8.50, 9.40, 10.30, 11.20am

Year 9

Maximum of 12 Players

Outdoor Courts

Automatically timed by Control Room

School to supply Scorers

Game times 4.50pm, 5:40pm and 6:30pm

Schools to allocate their own umpires to games.

Mixed Lads and Lasses Teams

Unlimited Players

Outdoor Courts

Automatically timed by Control Room

School to supply Scorers and Umpires

Game times 7.15pm, 8.00pm and 8.45pm

Schools to allocate their own umpires to games.

The cost and number of games is dictated by entering a 5 or 4 week block.

Unfortunately there were insufficient teams entered to create a competition in 2023 alongside the Y9's. We have instead decided to include them in the adult social competition on Wednesday nights.  Whilst there is no need to list teams in the Sporty Programme you may like to do so to keep your records for all teams in one place.

Time Requests​​​​​​​

Time Requests are to be made by the School Coordinator ONLY.

Applications for time request can be made here on the local form completing the required areas (the form will be availble soon). It costs $20.00 per request. Please note these are for NNH netball clashes only and not anything outside of our competition (ie coach/player and umpire clashes within NNH competition).

Time Requests to in by Friday 19 April.

Costs​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​TBC

College Premier  = $1,050.00 per team.

College = $900.00

Time Requests = $20.00 per request

Additional Players = $10.00

Late Default Fee = $50

Additional/Late/New Players 

Please complete this form for a new player joining a team partway through the season. The player will also need to register with their school via the school list and be assigned to the team to appear on the scoring APP.


It is imperative for the grading system to work correctly that you seed your teams from strongest to weakest.

Please see the attached sheets for more information on how to ensure your teams start in the correct position on the ladder.