Club Coordinator Information 2023

This page is designed for Club Coordinators to assist with registration information for your club teams in 2023. 

Registrations of  your teams is through Team Builder in Sporty.  For instructions on this and how to register your players, please click here: Netball North Harbour - Process ( 

If you do not have a login to Sporty, please contact Sporty at 

When selecting the grades to put your teams in, you will see them on the right of the Team Builder page.  Just name your teams with the number of the team, 1, 2 or 3.  You do not need to put your club name in front as that is auto generated by Sporty.

Club Competition

  • Club Premier 1 - Tuesday 7.00pm - 10.00pm (games start 7.00pm, 8.30pm)
  • Club Premier 2 - Thursday 7.00pm - 10.00pm (games start 7.00pm, 8.30pm)
  • Club Saturday  - Saturday 12.00pm - 4.00pm (hour games start 12.10pm, 2.00pm, 45minute games start 1.00pm, 1.50pm and 2.40pm)

For assistance please contact Vikki McColl

Important Dates

10 March 2023

20 March 2023

11 April 2023​​​​​​​

Registration closes for team entry numbers 

Player allocations completed

Deadline for Time Requests​​​​​​​

Competition & Grade Information 

Premier 1

Tuesday evenings in the Arena

Team Bench provided

15 min quarters  

Umpires provided by NNH ($20)

Premier 2

Thursday evenings in the Arena

Clubs to provide Bench personnel

15 min quarters  ​​​​​​​

Umpires provided by NNH ($20)

Premier 3

Saturday afternoons in the Arena

Clubs to provide Bench personnel

15 min quarters  

Umpires provided by NNH ($20)

Senior 1 & 2

Saturday afternoons on outside courts

Clubs to provide Bench personnel

Senior 1 Umpires provided by NNH ($20)

Senior 2 allocations yet to be confirmed depending on umpire numbers

Senior 3-8

Saturday afternoons on outside courts

Clubs to provide Bench personnel

10 minute quarters

Clubs to provide umpires.  The usual donation to umpires for 40min games is $15


It is imperative for the grading system to work correctly that you seed your teams from strongest to weakest.

Please see the attached sheets for more information on how to ensure your teams start in the correct position on the ladder.

Time Requests

Time Requests are to be made by the CLUB Coordinator ONLY.

Applications for time request can be made here on the local form completing the required areas (the form will be availble soon). It costs $20.00 per request. Please note these are for NNH netball clashes only and not anything outside of the sport (ie coach/player and umpire clashes within NNH competition).

Time Requests to be in by midday Wednesday 5th April.


Please see the above information regarding NNH allocating umpires  Due to the current climate we will not be able to supply qualified umipires for the Senior 2 grade.  


Club Premier = $1,630.00 per team.

Club = $1,420.00 

Time Request = $20.00

Additional Players = $25.00 Round 1, Round 2 $15.00

Late Default Fee = $50.00 

Defaults must be notified to NNH by 12pm on Tuesdays/Thursdays or 12pm on Friday for Saturday games.