Primary Coordinator Information 2022


We have had a low number of teams register for our primary this year at Glenfield.  We are opening up the Glenfield programme to individuals to register if they want to learn the game of netball on a Saturday morning.  The cost will be $75.00 and the form for this is for a parent to register their Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 child to learn the game.  You can forward the link through to interested parents.

This will only be offered at Glenfield on a Saturday morning.  If your school had young players that wanted to play but you couldn’t put a team together, please forward them this information and the link to the registration form, as an option to learn the game.  We won’t be advertising this widely but only through the schools.  .  This programme starts Saturday, 7th May and will run for 10 weeks (not on public holiday weekends or school holidays) and finishes around 13th August.  Times will be 9.00 am for Year 1 & 2 and 9.45 am for Year 3.

This page is designed for Primary School Coordinators (and Hibiscus Coast Primary Coordinators) to assist you with registration information for your school teams in 2022.

Registration of your teams is through Team Builder in Sporty.  For instructions on this and how to register your players, please click here.

When selecting the grades to put your teams in, you will see them on the right of the Team Builder page.  Please make sure you select the right age group and location (ie Northcote, Westlake, Glenfield or Hibiscus Coast).  Just name your teams with the number of the team, ie 6/1 or 6/2.  You do not need to put your school name in front as that is auto generated by Sporty.

Primary Coordinators Meeting - Powerpoint Presentation and Notes

Please click the button to the right to see the Powerpoint presentation with all the notes from the Primary Coordinators Meeting on the 28th February.


We are at Red Light Traffic setting. Unlimited numbers outside, 200 inside with masks worn.  

To view the Netball North Harbour Vaccination Policy, please click here

Primary Competitions Offered

  • ANZ futureFerns - Year 1 & 3 teams.  Monday afternoons.  11 weeks programme for Y1&2, 12 weeks for Y3 at Northcote.
  • ANZ futureFerns - Year 1 to 3 teams.  Saturday mornings.  11 week programme for Y1&2, 12 weeks for Y3 at Glenfield College only.
  • Junior Netties - Year 4 to 6.  Saturdays at Westlake Girls and Glenfield College.  12 week competition.
  • Year 4 Primary - Monday afternoons.  14 week competition at Northcote.
  • Year 5 & 6 - Wednesdays afternoon.  14 week competition at Northcote.

Hibiscus Coast Teams

  • Year 3 & 4 Thursday afternoons at Edith Hopper Park.
  • Year 5 & 6 Wednesday afternoons at Edith Hopper Park.

For any Primary enquiries, please email Teresa