Primary Coordinator Information 2022


Clubs and Schools now use an online form to register late, or additional, players to their teams during the 2022 netball season.

Please click on the buttons to the right.  There is a form for Club players and a separate form for School Players.

The cost of additional players are:

Club - Round 1 - $25.00

Club - Round 2 - $15.00

School - $10.00

Schools/Clubs will be invoiced for additional players or the fee can be paid at the Control Room.

Steps to register an Additional Player

1. Complete the correct form to the right of this page.  This can be done the day or night of the competition on your phone or computer at home, or completed at the Control Room.

2. The player/parent must go to the Club or Schools Registration form and complete an online registration form with all their details.  To find your Club/School Form please click here or click on the Player Registration Forms button to the right.

NB:  Club/School Coordinators can copy the link to their form and send that directly to the player/parent to complete.  NNH needs this form to be completed to add the player to the team.

3.  Alternatively, on the Game Day App, before you submit your Final Score you can add a COMMENT and make a note of a new player in your team.  The above steps, 1 and 2, will still need to be completed.