Primary Wednesday Draw & Results

Year 5 & 6 Draw

To find your team, click on the league your team is in in the drop down box.  Make sure Draw is selected in the other box.

Results will not be published for Grading games.

If you won a game you are likely to go up a grade, if you lost, you are likely to go down.  Some teams have dropped or gone up a couple of grades.


Schools on duty 31st May are Westmere, Waiheke Dolphins, Marlborough and Pinehurst

Attention Coaches, Managers and Umpires ... some important information:

  • Over Inflation of balls at the Year 4 to 6 competitions.  Please do not over inflate your balls.  The Sports Injury Clinic in the first 2 weeks are reporting badly broken figures in Primary and we think it is probably (a) not catching the ball properly and (b) the balls being pumped up too hard!  If coaches are unsure about how to catch a ball correctly there are some good videos online, for example this one, click here, although directed at older players the basic principals still apply.  Also when pumping up balls they shouldn’t be too hard.


  • Players defending with their arms out stretched at the side, again year 4 to Year 6 competitions.  I know we are only 2 games in but wandering around the courts we are seeing a lot of players trying to defend with their arms outstretched which is not allowed (obstruction) and the opposition players getting frustrated.  As a coach it is your job to teach the players to keep their arms down.  Certainly teach the players to defend the ball at 3 feet but not run and stop a player getting past by outstretching their arms.  A few of our umpires pick it up but a lot aren’t as they aren’t quite there yet with their development, so it would be useful to start teaching the players at an early age to not run with their arms outstretched.  Seeing it particularly at the centre pass and in the goal circles.



For year 5 teams, when you look at the draw, if you are on the left hand side of the draw (Home) you are Team 1 for rotations and if you are on the right hand side of the draw (Away) you are Team 2


There are 4 rounds on Wednesday - 4.00 pm, 4.50 pm, 5.40 pm and 6.30 pm.  Games are 40 minutes long, 10 minute quarters.

Year 5 - swap ends at half time, changes to players made

Year 6 - swap ends each quarter, changes can be made in any quarter (as long as players get half a game)




To view the Year 6 Primary Prize Giving photos, please click here.

To view the Year 4/5 Primary Prize Giving photos, please click here.



Complex rules at Netball North Harbour.

Could all spectators and players and games officials please respect the rules of AMI Netball North Harbour.  No dogs, bikes, scooters, skateboards, stilletos, umbrella points in the court surface, or chewing gum please.  Carparking is free up to the end of the tree line, any parking directly in front of the Courts there is a gold coin donation.  Cones will be marking an area at the end of the Arena which is unavailable for parking.