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2018 Primary Spring League

Dates for Spring League 2018:

Wednesday (for Year 1 to Year 6 teams) - 24th October to 28th November

Saturday mornings (for Year 4 to 6 teams only) - 27th October to 1st December

Registrations close for both 17th October 2018

Cost:  $135.00 per team


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Click on the Register A Team button to register a team for the Spring League. Do not use your winter login.

If you are having problems registering, please clear your History on your browser.  You can use Shift F5 but if this does not work, go to your browser settings and Clear History (often under Privacy & Settings).  Each browser is different. 

Rules & Conditions:

  • All Spring league games are at Netball North Harbour in Northcote for both Wednesday and Saturday games
  • Teams are entered for their age, eg Year 4.  If a combined team, eg with Year 4 and 5 players, the team needs to regiser in the higher age group.
  • Year 2 teams who have just completed the Year 2 programme can register for the Year 3 programme. 
  • Year 3 teams who have just completed the Year 3 programme can enter the Year 4 7-aside league.
  • No formal rotations for any ages
  • Games are 8 minute quarters
  • Rolling subs are allowed
  • Wednesday, first round will be at 4.00 pm, 4.40 and 5.20 pm on Wednesday, if there are more teams, there may be a further round at 6.00 pm.  The younger players will play the earlier round.
  • Saturday, first round is at 9.00 am, 9.50 am and 10.40 am.  Younger players will play the earlier round.
  • Year 5 & 6 shoot on the 3.05 metre high hoop and use a Size 5 ball.
  • Year 4 on the 2.6 metre high hoop with a Size 4 ball
  • Boys can play, maxium of 3 on court at once and only 1 in the goal circle.
  • No cancellations are made
  • Each team must supply their own balls, bibs and umpire
  • Physio will be onsite.

For any queries, please contact Teresa Smeed -