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Primary Monday Draws & Results

To view the final results for the Primary Competition for 2018, please click here

Please note you can view the results and table on the website by clicking the button below BUT please beware the website is based on goal differential, not goal ratio.  If teams end up on equal points we use goal ratio to determine the winner.  The uploaded pdf above, is the correct order of winners and runner up teams.

Monday Results

All winning and runner up teams are invited to Prize Giving on Monday, 24th September.  Information has been sent to your TIC. 

Year 4 & 5 Prize Giving starts at 4.00 pm

Year 6 starts at 5.30 pm

Prize Giving is in the Function Room upstairs at the Barfoot & Thompson Netball Centre, Northcote Road. 


Points are 4 = win, 2 = draw, 0 = loss, 1 (bonus points) if a team loses within 3 goals. A default is a 0 to the defaulting team and 4 points to the team defaulted against. winner of the grade is the team on the highest points at the end of the round. Check out the Table to see the points.


Programmes & Tournaments coming up for Primary Players when netball ends ...

  • End of Season Tournament - 15th September, click here to view more
  • October School Holiday Programme - click here to view more
  • Term 4 Spring League - click here to view more





  • When you look at the Draw, Team 1 for rotations is on the left hand side of the draw (Home).  Team 2 is on the right hand side of the draw (Away).
  • Cross out the rotations you are not for the first game in your book and complete the players on the rotation you are using.

For the following week, and subsequent weeks -

Team 1 to Team 1 OR Team 2 to Team 2 - start the full game to full game players on the LAST position they ended up on the week before.


Team 1 to Team 2 OR Team 2 to Team 1 - start the full game to full game players on the FIRST position they started at the week before.

  • Use the key above for the full game to full game players ONLY
  • Do the full game to full game players first and put them in their positions.
  • Then put in the players that had 1/2 a game to full game next.  Look for a rotation where they are not repeating the 2 positions from the week before.
  • Then put your 1/2 game players in last.
  • If you make a mistake, don't worry, just asterisk who is repeating and fix it up the following week!
  • Remember to write all of this on your team card!