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From the CEO ... Lynette Brady

Well, the end of the season is nearly upon us, with the College Premier finals this Saturday and the Club finals next week. It dosn’t seem that long ago that we were about to start the season.

During the July school holidays our age groups representative teams travelled away to their respective tournaments, starting with the Under 15’s and Year 9 team in New Plymouth. The Under 15/1 team, coached by Sam Kooiman and managed by Mikayla Kooiman, finished up runner up behind Auckland in a closely contested final, well done to the team this was an outstanding result. Congratulations to Olyvia Baggett and Charli Foster who were named in the tournament team. The U15/2 team retained their B Grade position for 2019, and in their first year at the tournament our Year 9 team, under the leadership of Isy Stevenson and Katrina Chatfield won the D Grade winning promotion to C Grade for next year.

Our Under 19 team, led by Julie Kelman-Poto and Jennette Iversen finished in a very credible 3rd place, dropping only one game, at the NZ Under 19 Age Group Championships in Mt Maunganui. Daisy Hurley, Asher Mason and Monique Rousseau were all named in the tournament team, well done to you all and we look forward to following your progress. The Under 17 teams both performed well in Palmerston North finishing 15th & 26th respectively. I would also like to acknowledge the umpires that make it possible for our teams to compete at these tournaments and congratulate them individually for their appointments to the tournaments – Ginny Peek & Kalesi Tabete (Under 17’s), Becky George, Sam George and Nicole Jackson (Under 15’s).

36854807_2222095091137922_1014528291006054400_n.jpg   36910952_2225690404111724_1689075608039981056_n.jpg 

                           U15/1                                                                     U 19's in action

37006051_10156667778878083_5740242847873892352_o.jpg  37381182_2239487812731983_7496506763923947520_n.jpg

                               Year 9/1                                      Umpires - Ginny Peek, Raewyn Vile and Kalesi Tabete

While the competition season is coming to an end there is still lots of activity happening here at the netball centre, with a number of tournaments, development opportunities and spring leagues coming up, as well as our October School holiday programmes for players and umpires.

2019 is already looking to be a busy year. We would like to thank the Kaipatiki Local Board for their investment into Glenfield College to upgrade their netball courts, which will allow us to run a primary competition on a Saturday morning at the College, making netball more accessible to the local community.

Good luck to our College and Intermediate teams preparing for and heading off to UNISS and AIMS in September.  I look forward to seeing you all around the courts over these last few weeks and trust that you have all enjoyed your year.


What's On!


Social Twilight (Wednesday evenings) 6 weeks


Block 5 - 5th September to 10th October 

Registrations close 30th August 

Inside 5a-side (Monday evenings) 8 weeks

Block 4 - 1st October to 26th November 

Registrations close 24th September 

Fast 5 Wednesday and Friday mornings

9.30 am to 10.30 am

$5.00 casual or $40 concession ticket


Inside 5-aside Intermediate & College

Term 3 - 4 weeks Tuesday afternoon

4th September to 25th September

Term 4 - 6 weeks Tuesday afternoon

16th october to 20th November

$135.00 per team for Term 3

$200.00 per team for Term 4

Registrations close for Term 3

28th August 2018

Registrations close for Term 4

9th October 2018

Click here for more information and to register a team.

Term 4 Spring Leagues

College, Intermediate & Primary

Click here for various leagues and information.

Year 6 Fun Carnival

Registrations close 5th September

Wednesday, 12th September

4.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Click here for more information and to register a team

End of Season Junior Tournament

Registrations close 9th September

Saturday, 15th September

Click here for more information and to register a team

Year 4 to 6 teams (Year 3 can enter Year 4)

October School Holiday Programme

Week 1 - 1st October to 3rd October

Week 2 - 8th October to 10th October

Early bird registration closes 14th September

3 day registrations or casual registrations options

For more information, click here

NNH Open Masters Tournament

29th/30th September

For more information and to register a team, click here

NNH Uni & Schoolies Tournament

29th September (alongside Masters)

For mixed teams. A fun tournament to end the school year and let off some steam before exams!

Registrations open soon.

Important Dates

Club Prize Giving 

Saturday 1st September 

3:30pm, Function Room 

Club & Club Premier Finals

Saturday 1st September, Arena

Prem 2 at 11:30am

Prem 1 at 1:00pm 

College Premier to Open A Final 

Saturday 25th August 

All teams will have finals 

Premier Major Final will be in the Arena at 10:30am 

Club for most teams - last day Saturday, 25th August

College for most teams - last day

College Year 9 Finals day

Saturday, 1st September

Tuesday, 28th August

Intermediate - Finals day Thursday, 30th August

Primary Monday - last day

Primary Wednesday - last day

Monday, 3rd September

Wednesday, 5th September

Junior Netties - last day Saturday, 25th August
Junior Netties Prize Giving Tuesday, 18th September
Primary Prize Giving

Monday, 24th September

Year 4 & 5 - 4.00 pm

Year 6 - 5.30 pm

Intermediate & College Prize Giving

Thursday, 27th September

Intermediate - 4.30 pm

College - 6.15 pm

National Tertiary Netball Championships 22nd/23rd September

Database Update

Some people are having difficulty in registering for courses and programmes when they click on the Register A Team or Associate buttons.  This is caused apparently by updates with your browser and Clubhub.  In order to fix this issue, please Clear your History in your browser.  Each browser (Google, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) works differently but clearing History can be found under your Browser Settings, or by clicking Shift F5 which refreshes your page.  If this does not work, go to the Settings under your Browser and search Clear History, which can often be found under Privacy & Settings. 

Coaching Corner

Practical Coaching Session with Kiri Wills, 29th August

Kiri is the coach of the Northern Stars and is running a practical coaching course for club, secondary school and intermediate coaches on "Through Court Play and Feeding the Circle"


Date:  Wednesday, 29th August 2018

At:  Carmel College Gymnasium, Shakespeare Road

Cost:  $10.00

Time:  6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

For more information and to register, click here

Umpire Information

School Holiday Courses 

One Day Theory Classes - 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

Cost $50.00

Monday, 1st October

Thursday, 4th October

Monday, 8th October

Thursday, 11th October

What: One day Theory class covering the basic rules of umpiring. Open to year 8, secondary school students and adults. Option to sit Junior Theory at the end of class. 


Practical Classes - 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

Cost: $10.00

Tuesday, 2nd October

Friday, 5th October

Tuesday, 9th October

Friday, 12th October

Designed to follow the One Day Theory Classes

What: Practical session (must have junior theory pass or done theory class) covering protocols, team bench area, spectator area, terminology to players, positioning goal line/side line. 


Beginner Junior Umpire Course - Term 4

Year 6 to Year 8 students.  A good junior beginner course for the younger kids, covering basic rules and some practical work included.

Wednesday afternoons from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm for 5 weeks

17th October to 14th November 2018 (5 weeks)

Cost $60.00


To register for any of the above courses, please click here





Reminder that players are not able to play with earrings on ... NO taped earrings. Players will be asked to leave the court. This is not a new rule and we are seeing this more as students have had ears pierced during the school holidays. This is for the player concerned safety, as well as the other players on court.

For any queries please contact Sharon Fraser:

Rule of the Month:

Playing the Ball

A player, trying to gain possesion of the ball, may:

  • catch the ball with one or both hands
  • roll the ball to oneself
  • catch the ball if it rebounds off the goalpost

A player who has possession of the ball may throw or bounce it in any direction to another player with one or both hands.  The player with the ball:

  • May not throw it deliberately at another player
  • May not roll it to another player
  • Must release the ball within 3 seconds
  • After releasing the ball, may not replay the ball until it has been touched by another player or it rebounds from the goal post.  (Note:  replay is considered when the player has possession of the ball!.  Possession is not catching by their fingertips)

A player may without having possession of the ball, may

  • Bat or bounce the ball to another player
  • Tip the ball in an uncontrolled manner once or more than once, then either catch or bat or bounce it to another player
  • Bat the ball once before catching it or batting or bouncing it to another player
  • Bounce the ball once before either catching or batting or bouncing it to another player.

For more of the above rules and information please refer to Rule 11.2 of the International Netball Federation Rule Book

Term 4 - Spring Leagues


Wednesdays, 24th October to 28th November (6 weeks) Year 1 to Year 6 teams

Saturdays, 27th October to 1st December (6 weeks) Year 4 to 6 teams only

Intermediate & College

Thursdays, 25th October to 29th November (6 weeks)

Girls only and Mixed (girls & boys) options available.

ALL games are played at Netball North Harbour (including Saturday)

Cost for ALL teams $135.00 to enter a team

For more information and to register a team, please click here

IMG_3098.JPG  IMG_3627.JPG


Need any gear to help you get through next season ...  sale on at the Sports Injury Sale on the 1st September

NNH Intermediate Tournament

Held on 21st August.  Congratulations to the following teams winning their grades:

Year 7 Grade A Winners:  Murrays Bay Intermediate 7/2

Year 7 Grade B Winners:  Murrays Bay Intermediate 7/4

Year 8 Grade A Winners:  Murrays Bay Intermediate 8/2

Year 8 Grade B Winners:  Albany Junior High 8/3

Photo_18.jpg   Photo_17.jpg

                                    Murrays Bay Int 7/2                                                                  Murrays Bay Int 7/4


Photo_21.jpg   Photo_19.jpg

                                   Murrays Bay Int 8/2                                                                      Albany Junior High 8/3

Salvation Army Showcase

This is to be hosted by the Barfoot & Thompson Netball Centre from 24th November to 7th December.  Netball North Harbour will have a tree and we need your help decorating it!

Click here to download the template of a netball dress or netball, print it, decorate it and bring it back to us to put on the tree.



Inside_5aside_College.jpg   End_of_Season_Tournament.jpg


Y6_Fun_Carnival.jpg     Masters.jpg


Netball North Harbour App

With the start of the season, the App is the perfect place to find your draws and results!  If you haven't aready, download the App from your phone store (search Netball North Harbour).  It's a great tool for draws, up and coming events and programmes. 


Facility & Events


  • Our car park has been repainted, but is a lot narrower than previous years due to the footpath work, as a result of this several spots are now NO PARKING and are marked with yellow lines or say No Parking!
  • Please note, There is no parking in front of the pedestrian crossing on Northcote Rd.  This is now a No Parking area due to the narrowness of those carparks as well as for the safety of pedestrians crossing the road.
  • Please keep your speed down and keep an eye out for people (especially children) running in and out around cars.
  • Please respect and adhere to the instructions given by the Maori Wardens.  They are there for the safety of all and have the full backing of Netball North Harbour and the NZ Police.
  • Please don't leave valuables in your car as we have had break-ins in the carpark in the past.



Lost Property 

The lost property box that is located in our Cafe is filled to the top with lots of items that need to find a home. Have a look through if you have lost something over the past few weeks, you'll be surprised what you find in there! 



Don't forget our rules here at NNH, they are there for a reason!  We have just spent thousands of dollars over summer fixing 3 courts due to water damage which is caused by sharp objects such as umbrella points digging into the rubberised surface.

**No dogs (except Guide Dogs) ** No scooters or bikes **

**No smoking or vapors anywhere on the premises (including the carpark)**

**No stilletos ** No chewing gum! (this sticks to the courts and can't be removed)