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The Year 1 to 3 programme has finished for winter 2018.  Please check out our spring league if you are looking for more netball.  See below:


Term 4 Spring League



General Information

Mother Earth Future Ferns is for Year 1 to 3 players.  It is a modified game to allow the younger players to develop basic skills without worrying too much about positions.  To view more information on the modification of the game please click on the videos below.

2019 sees us introducing a new venue at Glenfield College on Saturday mornings played outside. So there are two options...

  • Year 1 to 3 players play at the Barfoot & Thompson Netball Centre on Monday afternoons.
    • The Year 1 & 2 teams play indoors in the Onewa Arena from 4.00 pm with the last round starting at 5.20 pm (ending at 6.00 pm).
    • Year 3 play outdoors with two rounds of 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm. 
  • Year 1 to 3 players play at Glenfield College outdoors on Saturday mornings. 
  • There are no time requests so the commitment of the players is from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm on a Monday afternoon as games are scheduled to fit all teams in on courts within the time frame or if at Glenfield College from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm depending on numbers entered.
  • The cost for a team to enter the Mother Earth Future Ferns league is $450.00 at Netball North Harbour or $400.00 at Glenfield College.
  • The recommended maximum number of players for a Year 1 to 2 team is 6 players
  • The recommended maximum number of players for a Year 3 team is 7 players
  • Netball North Harbour supplies bibs and balls for the Year 1 & 2 programme
  • Year 3 teams need to supply their own bibs and balls
  • Each team must have a coach for the team.  There is a coaching session for the coaches at the beginning of the season to advise how the programme is run.






To get an overview of how the Year 1 & 2 programme works, please click on the Netball NZ page and video here.


year3.pngTo get an overview of how the Year 3 programme works, please clik on the Netball NZ page and video here.  Please note Year 4 play 7 aside netball at Netball North Harbour.


Rules - Complex and Games

To view The Barfoot & Thompson Netball Centre complex rules, please click here.

NO JEWELLERY IS TO BE WORN (NO EARRINGS TAPED), NO WRIST BANDS OR WATCHES AND HAIR TO BE TIED UP.  Players should be wearing their correct uniforms.  Only thing to be worn is medical alert bracelets and they should be taped.

For further information on our Junior Competitions contact Teresa Smeed on